Extended over nearly 1100 km between the Moroccan border and the Tunisian border, the Algerian coast is home to beautiful rocky coves and beautiful beaches protected by cypress trees , cork oaks and olive trees. Unfortunately, the ecological situation is often deplorable.
Emerald Coast ( east of Algiers )
Bordj -El- Kiffan (18 km from Algiers) : a charming popular resort during the summer for its fish restaurants.
Alger -Plage (27 km from Algiers) , the ideal place for water sports (sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, etc. ) . The resort also has beautiful upscale villas.
Tamantfoust (29 km from Algiers) : a marina and a tidy resort .
Ain Taya – Surcouf (33 km from Algiers) : This resort is famous for the wild beauty of its landscapes. Do not miss out on the spot , the beaches at the foot of the cliffs.
Boumerdes (57 km from Algiers) : one of the largest beaches in the Algerian coast .
Cap Djanet ( 80 km from Algiers) : popular with windsurfers for the breeze that blows continuously .
Turquoise Coast ( west of Algiers ), this part of the coast is rich in small coves .
Djemila (16 km from Algiers) : bustling with restaurants and nightclubs ( specializing in music rai ) station . It is also a charming little fishing port.
Club des Pins (18 km from Algiers) : reserved for Algerian elite there about thirty years, this station today has lost none of its luxury.
Sidi Fredj ( Bay Sahel) : the peninsula of Sidi Fredj offers beautiful identified by Mediterranean pine beaches. Here you can enjoy mussels, oysters and sea urchins.
Zeralda (25 km from Algiers) : This station is booming but there live.
Bou -Ismail (44 km from Algiers) : small seaside village with a boulevard in front very nice sea .
Berard (54 km from Algiers) : small village in the lush ( plane trees , waterfalls ) located not far from the Royal Tomb of Mauritania.
Tipaza (70 km from Algiers) : this resort built by Le Corbusier close to Roman ruins and Christian archaeological remains.
Royal mausoleum of Mauritania ( 55 km from Algiers) .